Comm Eye Health Vol. 28 No. 90 2015 pp 39. Published online 18 September 2015.

Test yourself: Patient safety in low-income countries

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Test your understanding of the concepts covered and reflect on what you have learnt from issue 90 of the Community Eye Health Journal ‘Patient safety in low-income countries.’ We hope that you will also discuss the questions with your colleagues and other members of the eye care team, perhaps in a journal club.


Question 1. The hospital manager is keen to implement a cataract surgical safety checklist to ensure that patient safety is managed well. The checklist:
Question 2. When obtaining consent from a patient it is NOT necessary to:
Question 3. An incident reporting system:
Question 4. A patient with suspected acute endophthalmitis following surgery should be:
Question 5. High myopia is associated with an increased risk of developing sightthreatening conditions, including:

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